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Q: Hi, I am a 5 ft 2, 25 yr old mom of 2. I am having problems trying to figure out how I should dress because of my height, and my HUGE chest. Unfortunately, I am a 38G!
Having a big chest on a short person sucks because it makes me look fatter than I am. Of course I do have somewhat of a pouch from being pregnant. Am I supposed to dress like a mom, or just a regular ol’ 25 yr old? This also does not help that I have no butt either! I hate it. Please help.

A: Well, first of all, the way a person is “supposed” to dress is always situational. You would dress differently when you are taking the children to the doctor’s office than you might if you and your spouse are going out for an evening on the town. Keeping that in mind, I do recommend a more conservative line of clothing choices regardless of the situation since your abundant chest will make many moderately revealing garments appear more salacious than you might intend.
Here are some tips for choosing clothing that can help you present the most flattering you:
First, get the right foundation garments. If the “somewhat of a pouch” from your pregnancy is a major concern look for a body-shaper at your local lingerie or department store. These are ideal for helping to provide contouring and support for sagging parts of the body. You also want to be especially sure you’re getting the right fit for your brassieres. I know that bra shopping can be expensive but be sure to visit a shop that offers assistance in fitting, and someplace that you can actually try the garments on before you buy them. The right fitting bra can help to minimize the appearance of the bust and can help alleviate the back strain and discomfort.
Wear darker tones and colors on top and lighter shades on the lower half of your body. For example, if you wear a monochromatic blouse/sweater set in perhaps a navy blue, with a pair of khaki slacks or skirt, the lighter color of the skirt with give the appearance of a larger lower half while the dark blue top half appears smaller. Together they give a more balanced appearance.
You can also get a similar effect by choosing monochromatic separates (blouses and pants/skirts) and using an accent piece (such as a scarf wrapped at the waist, or a lighter colored sweater tied at the hips) to generate balance by accentuating the hip area. (This also slightly pads the hips giving the impression of extra where there may be none.)
You should also remember that some layering will help. A blouse and sweater/jacket combination, or a light shell with an overshirt that creates a smooth line from shoulder to hip will help to keep your bust from being quite such a dominating feature.
And remember to properly accessorize. Many women with large busts forget that wearing flashy necklaces and pendants that hang to their bosoms only serves to draw focus to the area that makes them the most uncomfortable. So choose necklaces and beads in the shorter lengths, from chokers to those that fall just below the throat. Or, if you prefer, opt for flashier earrings to draw focus completely above the neck.
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