How to Clean Suede

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Q: Is suede washable? If not, how can I clean it?
A: Generally, suede is NOT washable. As an animal skin product, getting suede wet will only damage the material. As with any leather product, you need the appropriate products to properly care for the garment.
There are specialty suede cleaners available, as well as conditioners to keep the material supple and treatment products to help make the material water repellent. These are usually available at most supermarkets, department stores, and shoe repair shops.
Be sure to read the care instructions on the garment in question, and follow the directions of the product being used carefully. Some suede products have been treated so that the material is stain resistant. This may require specific products be used, so be sure to follow the material care labels if the instructions contradict the information on any cleaning product label.
There are, however, synthetic, “washable-suede” fabrics available which can be machine washed and usually drip-dried or tumble dried on a gentle cycle. These give a suede look, at lower cost and easier care.
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