How to Cover Acne

Woman with acne
Q: What should I use to cover my acne?
A: If acne is your problem, aside from talking to your dermatologist for recommendations on how to effectively treat it, be sure to look for make-up products that are non-comedogenic. That means that they are formulated to not clog the pores of the skin.
Generally speaking, the lighter the product is, the better off you will be. If you can get acceptable coverage, try using a tinted moisturizer or perhaps even a tinted acne medication as a concealer.
You may also want to look into the various “mineral” powder cosmetics, which are designed to sit entirely on the skin’s surface and prevent the pores from being clogged, allowing the skin to breathe. These new products give even, lightweight coverage and have been praised by women from all walks of life.
One thing to remember is that you never want to leave your make-up on your face any longer than necessary. Keep your skin clean and moisturized and allow it to simply “be” as much as possible in order to keep it healthy.
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