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Q: Like most girls, I wear foundation to cover all my blemishes and other skin imperfections; but why is it that in all my pictures my face looks so pale? I've tried so many different colors and different types of foundations and nothing seems to change this problem. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Most people fail to realize that the true nature of the skinís tone and shade comes from layers of translucent skin cells that each contains some measure of pigments. The color of your skin comes from the overall effect of these layers of varying color levels (as well as the blood vessels and subcutaneous tissue), this is what makes healthy skin have that luminescent glow.
When you apply a foundation makeup, the make-up usually creates a coating of color to even out the skin-tone and hide blemishes. Depending on the formulation of the makeup, the result can be very flat, and can contain ingredients that can be light reflective and make you look paler in flash photography. It is possible that you are simply paler than you realize. Sometimes the problem is a matter of not choosing the right make-up shade for your complexion. Sometimes the problem is in the limitations of the photographic methods being used and the skill of the photographer.
Donít forget that most photographers know how to make good use of lighting in order to make the subject look their best. Most direct-flash cameras use a blue-white light that is meant to sharpen the color of everything and can make even the loveliest individual look harsh and washed-out. Iím sure you would see a dramatic difference in your pictures if they were taken using reflectors and color gels over the flash in order to give you the best lighting. For an example of better photo lighting, try taking some photos outside in the daylight (without a flash) while under a covering such as a porch awning, or in full shade.
For a make-up solution that may give you better results, I would suggest trying the newer mineral powder make-up brands. You can find mineral powder make-up in a WIDE range of prices, and they offer a more translucent coverage than liquid or cream make-up. You may still want to use a liquid or cream concealer for dark spots and blemishes, but the powder makeup can give you more even blending.
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