Lighten Dark Pigmentation

Skin with dark pigmentation
Q: Hello. I have very dark pigmentation under my thighs and armpit. I scrub the area daily while taking bath and have also tried many creams and ointments. I am wheat skinned. What should I do? I have these since years. Please help.
A: These areas of dark pigmentation are often genetic, and can be the result of stimulation of the skin caused by friction. As unsightly as they may seem, they are fortunately harmless and present a purely aesthetic problem.
You’re best course of action would be to see a dermatologist about possible treatments for lightening these darker areas. While there are countless over-the-counter creams, oils, lotions, ointments, etc, that claim to offer exceptional skin lightening, you have to bear in mind that not all product promises are true, and many of the ones that do “work” only work under specific conditions. Your doctor can offer you more information on treatments that actually work, and can advise you best on what kinds of results to expect.
Photo: Srisakorn Wonglakorn/Shutterstock
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