Disguise a Double Chin

Woman with a double chin
Q: Any ideas on how I can disguise my double chin?
A: As was mentioned with the question on making a nose look narrower, you can always enhance the shape of a facial feature you are unhappy with by using a contouring color on the area to minimize its look. Use a color that is slightly darker than your skinís natural shade (or the shade of your foundation color) and lightly apply it over the double chin and blend it evenly.
By applying a shade of color slightly darker than the rest of the color of your foundation makeup, you will cause the double chin to appear less prominent and to blend into the background more readily. If you donít want to use a specific make-up to achieve this look, try using a bronzer powder to create the same effect.
The key is to apply the contouring powder or bronzer subtly, so that the make-up isnít two heavy. The goal is to achieve a naturally enhanced look, and not a ďpaint and spackleĒ approach.
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