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Q: I already tan fairly easily and I already understand the dangers behind tanning. My question is what, if anything, can I do to enhance my tan and how to keep my skin as healthy as possible while tanning?
A: One of the biggest things to keep in mind is moisture. Exposing your skin to frequent bombardment by UV radiation is going to strip the skin of its ability to hold moisture. Use a good moisturizing cream containing collagen and elastin ingredients every night (and a good moisturizer after every tanning session).
You will also want to schedule regular visits to your dermatologist to monitor your skin for carcinogenic damage. This will help your doctor catch problems as early as possible if and when they develop.
I realize that you have specifically said that you “understand the dangers behind tanning”, but I want to add here that I do NOT advocate tanning for esthetic purposes in this modern age, when the risks are so great to develop debilitating and deadly results. Today’s self-tanning creams, lotions and sprays offer a natural looking glow to the skin without the risk of cancerous side-effects.
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