Loss of Face Elasticity

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Q: Hello! I am a 52 year old female. I believe I am starting to lose elasticity in my face, especially the area above my upper lip. The skin is showing a lot of fine lines and looks like I have a mustache, when I don't! How can I minimize this "mustache look"?
A: Well, there are two approaches that can be used in tandem to both A) minimize the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles and B) actually help to reduce the fine lines.
First, to address the appearance issue, you should be using a matte finish foundation make-up with a translucent powder to set it. Apply the foundation (using a brush) to the outside edges of your lips and use the powder to set the make-up. Select a lip-liner pencil in a shade you enjoy and apply it in a fine line around the perimeter of the lips, then use a brush to blend the line inward on the body of the lips. Cover the whole with a sheer lip gloss and you will have a lip look that is dewy and won’t bleed.
Now, to address the cause, as well as the symptom, you should be looking for a nighttime moisturizing cream that contains both collagen and elastin to help replenish the plumpness and firmness of your skin. Olay Regenerist is a good product for this situation and has many excellent reviews to speak for it. However, you can use the product you like best. Just be sure to look for the collagen and elastin, and be willing to try several different brands in order to find one you really like.
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