Facial Hair Removal

Woman who is waxing to remove upper lip hair
Q: What are the options for facial hair removal on women?
A: The options for hair removal are pretty much universal regardless of whether they are being performed on men or women – shaving, depilation or waxing.
Most women reject shaving because of the association with the man’s (usually daily) shaving ritual, but it is still the fastest and usually least fussy way to remove unwanted hair. The problems of ingrown hairs, stubble and irritation may apply, however.
A lot of women opt for depilation (using cream or lotion preparations to dissolve unwanted hair) to ensure a smoother, longer-lasting result. However, in some cases, women with very sensitive skin cannot tolerate even the most gentle of these products, and some products cause a sensation of burning and irritation regardless of tolerance for the products.
Waxing is an effective method of hair removal, and offers longer-lasting results (therefore less frequent applications). However, most waxing products – the most effective ones – require significantly more preparation and can be quite messy – not to mention painful, since the hair is pulled out en masse using the wax-based adhesive and heavy paper or fabric strips.
Some women, whose facial hair isn’t particularly heavy, but is still dark in color, choose not to remove the hair, but rather to bleach the hair so that it is less apparent. Using a specially formulated bleaching agent, the hair is stripped of color, leaving it translucent and far less visible.
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