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Girl wearing a shirt and tie
Q: Can girls wear a necktie as fashion accessory? Any tips on what to combine it with?
A: Certainly. Iíve seen neckties worn by many women to good effect. There are countless options for wearing a necktie by women apart from doing so as part of a traditional, suited look.
One option is to use the necktie as sash/belt with jeans or casual trousers. This can provide a fun look for every day, or casual functions. It also allows old ties to find new life and new purpose.
A tie can also be worn with a suit, sans dress shirt, for a provocative look. A neatly-tailored suit, with lacy lingerie beneath and a boldly-colored or designed tie creates a quasi-masculine look with a seductive twist.
The key, really, is to use your imagination and try new things. Perhaps wrap the tie around the hair as a headband, wear the tie around your neck with jeans, athletic shirt and suspenders for a playful look, or anything you can think of. Donít be afraid to give new things a try.
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