Chest & Back Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal for men
Q: What is the best method for a man to get the hair on his chest and back removed?
A: This is a question that, when asked of twenty different individuals, will result in almost twenty different answers. However, there are three main methods of hair removal: shaving, waxing and depilation. There are pros and cons associated with each method.
Shaving is generally the fasted method of hair removal, and the most painless in its practice. It also allows you to provide a great deal of control over the amount of hair you want to remove. Most men find it helpful to trim the hair in the area to stubble prior to shaving. And some men decide to try “trimming” certain areas as opposed to shaving as a means to “control growth” without having to completely denude themselves.
The drawback to shaving is that it can result in ingrown hairs. The best means of combating this is to always shave the hairs in the direction of the hair’s growth. You may need to make several passes to achieve true smoothness, but as long as you keep the area lubricated with lotion or shaving gel, you can avoid razor burn.
Waxing offers a more lasting hair removal (generally a few weeks of smoothness as opposed to a few days with shaving) but is more painful as the hairs are generally removed en masse from the skin with the adhesive wax. On the plus side, there are generally fewer instances of ingrown hairs, and the results can sometimes last much longer than expected.
The drawback is that the process is often time-consuming and involves a certain amount of mess.
Depilation is also generally painless, and less likely to cause ingrown hairs, but often less-effective on the coarser body hair of the chest and back. There are also some complaints of burning and irritation among men who have more sensitive skin in the chest and back areas.
With depilation, a cream is applied to the areas where the hair is to be removed. The cream is designed to dissolve the hairs which are subsequently wiped away using a moistened cloth or body sponge. One common tip from those men who have tried using depilatory creams is to avoid using them after hot baths or showers when the pores of the skin are open.
Finally, for those men seeking more permanent hair removal, laser hair removal can be discussed with a dermatologist. This method works best on fair-skinned individuals with darker body hair. The process can be painful, expensive, and often requires multiple treatments before permanent results are achieved. Even so, many men choose this option as a means to avoid a lifetime ritual of hair removal.
So, the question of the best method of hair removal for men wanting to be rid of chest and back hair is a matter of personal preference as to which methods seem most suited to the individual’s needs.
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