Minimize Stretch Marks

Woman with stretch marks
Q: Do you know of any make-up that will cover stretch marks?
A: Actually, most make-up could be used to cover stretch marks. Your basic liquid, powder, or liquid-to-powder foundations would provide excellent coverage and mask any stretch marks very well.
The trouble is, these products are generally not designed to cover the size of an area that usually has stretch marks and can become quite expensive if it has to be used every day.
However, there is a method of minimizing the appearance of stretch marks using sunless bronzers and self-tanners. The key is that these products generally only work best on older stretch marks, once they no longer have that “shiny” texture. Simply apply the sunless tanning lotion and let it develop on the skin.
As you use these tanners (as directed) repeatedly, you will see a blending effect in the stretch marks and the rest of the skin, making the stretch marks less apparent.
In order to give extra coverage of the stretch marks as the tan is developing, try using a tinted moisturizer to blend the stretch marks with the rest of the surrounding skin.
Photo: Prasan Maksaen/Shutterstock
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