Nylons & Open-Toed Sandals

Open-toed sandals and nylons
Q: Should you wear nylons with open-toed sandals?
A: You can. However, you should be sure to look for hosiery that doesn’t have reinforced toes if you are going to wear them with open-toed shoes, whether they are sandals or not. Also, thong-type sandals (those that have two straps which meet between the great and second toes) can be very uncomfortable if you are wearing traditional hosiery.
The question of what constitutes the proper reason for wearing hosiery in a given situation can take two factors into account – esthetics and comfort – and in most cases hosiery has always been worn for a combination of purposes. Some women wear hosiery in order to give their legs the appearance of smooth, tanned skin, while in other cases hosiery is worn to provide a little bit of warmth and protection from the elements.
A good rule of thumb is to bear in mind the level of “dress” for the setting in which you will be. If you are simply going to a casual picnic or backyard barbecue and are wearing a summer dress with sandals, you would probably want to forego the inclusion of hosiery.
However, if you are attending a dressier function, such as an evening wedding in the summer, or a garden party that is a bit more upscale, hosiery would not be out of place on exposed legs.
Another thing to remember is that the later in the evening an event takes place, the more likely that the event has a dressier code and would be an appropriate place to wear hosiery with your shoes.
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