Match a Dark Pink Shirt

Girl wearing a pink turtleneck shirt
Q: Will a dark pink turtleneck shirt go with a dark or grey skirt?
A: It should, as long as the “dark” is a neutral color, or is complimentary to the pink. If we’re talking about a black or dark grey, or even a light gray, then these will work with virtually any color. However, with other dark colors, you must consider the color you are matching.
For example, dark brown will go with dark pink, as will dark green, but you don’t want to match it with navy blue or a dark orange or red, since these colors will either clash or great an overload of color tones.
We have an article on color matching and a variety of samples and color charts which you can find and review here for more information on matching colors for clothing. Just remember, that in most cases, the color being matched and what will work with it is largely depended on the color shades involved.
Not every shade of red will match well with every shade of green. When in doubt about color matching, black and white are your best friends.
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