Minimize Pores on Nose

Q: How do I minimize the many pores on my nose? I have been wearing foundation for years and years, and am sure that is the reason for this. Right now, I use mineral make-up, but when I put it on my nose, it makes it worse.
For some reason, the make-up brings them out more. I look like a person who has a nose with lots of tiny, little holes on it.

A: Large pores are a common problem for many men and women. Unfortunately, dermatologists warn that pores become more visible in the mid-20s, and there is no way to permanently change the size of the pores. Of products and procedures recommended by dermatologists that do help – at least temporarily – are Vitamin A derivative creams as well as microdermabrasion and chemical peels.
However, many reader supported forums on skin care and problem treatment espouse many other potential solutions in the form of over-the-counter treatments. One commonly-mentioned product is a soap for use in face washing, called “Cuticura”. Additionally, face wash products containing salicylic acid are highly regarded, as are after-wash creams and topical treatments containing salicylic acid.
As far as cosmetics to conceal the problem, I recommend a matte-finish liquid or cream foundation followed by a light application of the mineral powder. The use of mineral powder on the large pore area often results in a distorted finish, thanks to the underlying topography of the skin. The matte finish liquid or cream makeup can help create a smoothing effect that can be blended in by the mineral powder and be less apparent.
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