Reduce Redness on Face & Cheeks

Face with redness
Q: How can I reduce the redness on my face, especially my cheeks?
A: Well, you really have to determine what causes the redness before you can begin to address the issue to correct it. You may want to talk to a dermatologist to make sure you havenít got a medical reason for the redness, such as allergies, acne or some form of dermatitis.
If the redness is a matter of exposure to the elements such as sunburn or windburn, be sure to address the cause as well as the symptoms. In other words, use a good sunscreen whenever you leave the house, and try a moisturizing lotion to combat dry skin.
I know that many women have hailed Eucerin Calming Cream for its soothing, moisturizing properties. It is formulated with oatmeal to help sooth dry, itchy skin and calm redness. This may be a solution for you, but you must make sure to discuss matters with your doctor.
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