How to Remove a Tattoo

Removal of a tattoo
Q: Is it possible to remove a tattoo?
A: Actually yes. There are a number of methods available today that will remove tattooing with varying levels of success and discomfort. A dermatologist can use medical laser therapy to disperse the pigments of the tattoo. The process usually requires multiple treatments and can be painful, but generally offers a high rate of success and good results.
There are also chemicals that can be used to “tattoo over” the original design which can masque the appearance of the tattoo by covering it with a skin-toned pigment, as well as chemicals that will bleach the original ink used from the skin. As with regular tattooing, both of these processes can cause discomfort and will have scabbing as an after-effect.
You should always consult a licensed professional when you are considering this kind of service. Laser treatments should only be done by medical professionals, and other treatment methods need to be performed by those professionals who are regulated and approved by the laws and agencies in the area where you live.
Photo: ZephyrMedia/Shutterstock
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