What to Wear to Look Taller

Woman shopping for clothes to look taller
Q: Iím a short slim woman and I want to look taller. What should I wear?
A: It may sound overly simplistic, but generally speaking, you want to wear properly tailored clothing. However, this is important, because if your clothes donít fit properly, you will appear plumper than you are and therefore the lack of height will be exaggerated.
Heels are always a good choice, as long as you donít try to overdo it. Stick with moderate heels as opposed to platform shoes or stiletto heeled shoes. The moderate heels will look balanced and proportionate, while high-heels and thick soled shoes will only emphasize the fact that you are trying to appear taller.
Keep your lines vertical. Avoid scoop and boat necked blouses and wide lapelled jackets. In addition, avoid flared skirts and puffed sleeves. All of these things are designed to draw the eye outward in a horizontal line. Classic V-neck blouses and tees are well-suited to making your face and upper body appear elongated, and tailored jackets with straight skirts will keep your silhouette vertical.
Finally, avoid wearing skirts that are too short, and too long. Long dresses are fine for evening wear, but in mix-and-match separates, you want to make sure to keep the skirt lengths within a few inches of the knee Ė above or below. The goal with this is to make sure not to camouflage the fact that you have legs, or to exaggerate them too much, lest you emphasize their lack of length.
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