Spider Veins Treatment

Leg with spider veins
Q: What are the possible methods to have spider veins removed?
A: There are actually several techniques that are used to treat spider veins (and varicose veins). The most common treatment method is called sclerotherapy. In this technique the doctor injects a solution into the veins that causes them to swell, stick together and seal shut. This stops blood flow and the vein becomes scar tissue. In a few weeks the veins should fade. The same vein may need to be treated more than once.
Another method of treatment is laser surgery. Strong burst of laser light are directed onto the vein, which can cause the veins to slowly fade and disappear. This treatment can be very painful as the veins are literally being burned, and it may require two to five treatments for treating most spider veins.
Spider veins may also be treated with surgery. In many surgical techniques only small incisions are needed, and the veins are stripped from the legs. More severe cases can become much more involved and while minor cases may leave a patient able to resume his or her normal routine the following day, severe cases may require a few months of recuperation.
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