Squeaky Shoes

Leather shoe
Q: I have a pair of squeaky leather shoes. Is there anything I can do to stop the squeaking noise?
A: I did a little research and hereís what I found:
The majority of the problems with quality leather shoes squeaking and creaking is caused by friction in the soles, or loose heels. There have been some easy tips for resolving the squeak suggested.
First of all, try sprinkling baby powder or talc under the insole of the shoe. In most cases, this does the trick. In some cases, when this didnít resolve the problem, you can use petroleum jelly under the insole around the perimeter of the shoe.
If the squeak seems to be emanating from the heel area lift out the insole of the shoe and look for the nails that secure the sole to the heel. You can use a hammer and screwdriver to drive the nails further into the heel and make it more secure.
These are things you can do for yourself with little or no cost. However, if these ideas donít solve the problem, you should take the shoes to a shoe repair shop and discuss the problem with the cobbler. Itís possible that the leather of the shoes is rubbing in an area that you canít reasonably treat with powder. The shop should have leather conditioner that can be used to soften the leather and stop the squeeking.
If this isnít the solution, then Iím certain the cobbler can make a recommendation or can repair the problem.
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