Sunscreen and Skin Type

Different types of sunscreen
Q: How do I know Iím using the correct sunscreen for my skin type?
A: Well, if by skin type you mean oily, dry or combination skin, you should look at the emollient bases used in the sunscreen you are thinking of applying to the skin.
Those individuals who have oily skin should obviously choose sunscreen formulas with light moisturizers that are greaseless.
Those with dry skin need to make sure that the formulations are moisture-rich and fast-absorbing. Since most sunscreens are created with normal skin types in mind, the choices are wide ranged for those individuals.
If by skin type you are referring to the varied skin tones, then you need to remember that the fairer and paler the skin is, the more protection you generally need. It is typically recommended that everyone wear a sunscreen with SPF of at least 30, and even higher for those fairer complexioned persons.
It is also important to choose the right sunscreen. All sunscreens with SPF protection will block UVB rays (the ones that cause burning), but you should check to make sure that your sunscreen contain ingredients like Zinc Oxides, Oxybenzone, Titanium Dioxide or Parsol 1789, which also offer some protection against UVA rays (the aging rays that damage the skin) as well.
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