Stretch Marks and Tanning

Woman with stretch marks
Q: I want to know if it would be ok to go to a tanning salon if I have stretch marks on my belly from having a baby. They are bad. I have not been to a salon and am fairly pale. Could you please let me know if the stretch marks will fade or if I would tan and my stretch marks will stay white.
A: If you have stretch marks, the last thing you want to do is lie in the sun or use a tanning salon for tanning the skin. The scar tissue that makes up stretch marks (and that is what they are - scars) isn’t likely to tan and will become more obvious as the rest of your skin darkens.
Furthermore, since the sun (and the UV radiation from tanning booths and beds) damages the collagen- and elastin-producing ability of the skin, using the services of a tanning salon could actually inhibit your body’s ability to heal the stretch marks.
A good alternative for you is to try one of the myriad of self-tanning creams, lotions or sprays available. These products can help to blend the skin tone and disguise the stretch marks since the product generates the coloration on its own.
If you want faster, more even results try going to one of the many new “spray tan” salons where you can have the tanning product airbrushed onto the skin by a trained professional. These salons offer a safe alternative to tanning beds and sun worship, and can give you the healthy summertime glow you desire.
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