Triangle Top Swimsuits

Woman who is shopping for new swimsuits
Q: They don’t seem to have triangle top swimsuits anymore. Are they out of style?
A: While I don’t know that it’s accurate to say that triangle top bikinis are “out of style”, it is apparent that current trends have move toward more modest and structured swimwear.
The trouble you are having in finding triangle top bikinis is most likely caused by the fact that department stores and most retail outlets try to keep a stock consisting of the newest styles and designs. Most retail establishments lack sufficient sales space to display more than the most current styles and colors.
I did some searching, and can assure you that triangle top bikinis are still widely available. You may simply need to shop online for them. All you need to do is perform a search online for “triangle top swimsuits” and you will find several online outlets that feature the styles of bathing suit you desire.
You will want to stick with the sites of actual retailers, avoiding the portal sites, such as Bizrate, Amazon, Sortprice, and the like.
Photo: Alina Rosanova/Shutterstock
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