Anti-Aging Treatments for the Skin

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If there is one common theme in womenís beauty concerns itís the desire to keep looking young. In the U.S. alone, women spend billions of dollars each year to fight the effects of aging and reduce the wrinkles that form in the skin. Most of the products on the market today are the kinds of snake-oil potions that cost a lot and promise big results, but do very little.
However, there are some products that have been developed that do work. Many of these become known due to celebrity endorsements and ultimately on their own success. Youíve seen some of them on national television, in magazines, and newspaper ads. But what are they? And what does it cost to use the same things that your favorite stars use?
Weíve done some research and have found the following information for you about three of the most talked-about skin care products on the market today.
Dremu Oil:
The Dremu Company makes a wide variety of products, most of which feature as a key ingredient their own formulation of oil derived from the emu Ė including the namesake product, Dremu Oil. The company boasts a triple refining process to produce the purest emu oil formula available. The product has been seen on Oprah, and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Allure and Harperís Bazaar.
Dremu Oil is marketed as an alternative to expensive and dangerous Botox treatments, and touts such claims as:
• Reduces wrinkles without needles
• Light, odorless non pore clogging
• World's most effective moisturizer
• Penetrates deeply to reduce wrinkles
• Absorbs immediately
• Calms redness
• Plumps up fine lines
• Hastens healing
• Soothes roughness
• Re-hydrates dry, chapped, skin
The Dremu Oil itself is rather expensive, ranging in price from $58-$70 (U.S.) dollars per ounce, depending on the amount you purchase. However, the company offers a wide variety of lotions, creams and products containing the oil with more modest prices. $20-$40 (U.S.) dollars.
It should be noted that our research revealed Dremu Oilís claims to be largely anecdotal or based on research by the manufacturer. Independent review sources rated Dremu Oil as less-effective than other Emu Oil products, but Consumer Health Digest does rank Dremu Oil in the Top 25 anti-wrinkle products on the market. (CHD hosts a dynamic listing that ranks new products as they are released based on their own, independent testing.) That being stated, there are a number of testimonials from professional estheticians who claim Dremu Oil is a must have product for ridding the skin of wrinkles.
Chicet Skin Care Products:
Chicet Natural European Skin Care Products is a Los Angeles-based company founded by Mariana Chicet. Chicet is a Romanian-born woman who received medical training in Bucharest. She has been creating skin care products for over a quarter of a century and is renowned as an expert in anti-aging treatments for all skin types.
Her company has created a large line of skin care and make-up products, including a line of specially-formulated anti-wrinkle treatments made from Bovine Bone Marrow Oils and Bovine Brain Lipids. The brain lipids and bone marrow oils are used for their ability to quickly and very deeply penetrate to the deepest layers of the dermis and help to rebuild collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
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