How to Use Corrective Make-up for Your Eyes

I’m often approached by women who want to know how to make the best of their eyes, for good reason. We have placed a great deal of importance on the eyes and what they say about us. An old adage is that “The eyes are the window to the soul”, meaning that you can judge a person’s character by looking into his or her eyes. We have popular songs written about “Sad Eyes”, “Lying Eyes” and even “Bette Davis Eyes”, so as a whole we must think the eyes are a major facet of a person’s appearance.
So, in an attempt to help those who want to troubleshoot some of the more common “problem areas” when it comes to the eyes, here are a few tips and tricks to make the most of what you’ve got:
The most common problems when it comes to the eyes are the impression that the eyes are “too narrow”, “too round”, “too wide” or “too close together” to be appealing. The fact is that there are some cases where the shape or positioning of the eyes throws off the balance of the face, but most people see any flaws they may have as magnified. Try to remember that it only looks prominent to you because you see it every day. For most people, their wide, narrow, round or close eyes are only minimally so.
The trick to enhancing these features to look their best is to use your eye make-up to create contours and highlights to bring certain areas forward and make them look larger, while making other sections look smaller and move to the background. The particular areas and techniques depend on the specific situation.
Wide-Set Eyes:
With widely-spaced eyes, many women feel that their faces are too broad, and that overall effect is that their face appears too wide or heavier than it actually is. In order to create the illusion that the eyes are closer together, you need to minimize the appearance of the area between the eyes.
Make-up application for wide set eyes
This is accomplished by using a darker shade of eye make-up to create a contour on the inside of the eye. The contour should be sized approximately the width of the iris of the eye or at most one-half of the entire width of the eye from corner to corner. By darkening the area to the inside of the eyes, you make the eyes appear closer by making the space between the eyes appear lesser.
Use a medium shade of eye color on the lids of the eyes and a light shade to create a highlight on the upper outside of the brow. The lighter shade here will make the area appear larger and seem to “move” the eyes inward to the center. Blend the colors softly to create a gentle, subtle effect.
Close-Set Eyes:
For closely-spaced eyes, the goal is to create the illusion of more space between the eyes, and to minimize the space to the outside corners of the eyes.
Make-up application for close-set-eyes
To do this, we apply a darker contouring shade to the outside of the eyes, using roughly the same proportions as we used on the inside of the eyes above. We couple this with a medium shade of eye color to tie the shading together, and finish it by adding a highlight to the inside corners of the brow.
As before, be sure to blend the colors softly to create a subtle look.
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