Short Pixie Cut with Bangs

Here is another version of the universally loved short pixie cut. The pixie is currently reigning as one of the most popular and sought after of the short hairstyles. The modelís bangs are cut in a relatively thick fringe with a solid weight-line, to create more of an effect.
The fringe is the selling-point of this short hairstyle, as most of the focus will be centred on this area. Note that the placements of the modelís golden blonde highlights are focused on the fringe area as well, as to enhance this area of emphasis.
The golden blonde slices mesh well with the modelís base color of dark brown and peaches and cream complexion. Note how the brown base color of her hair enhances and adds warmth to the modelís brown eyes, while complimenting her skin tone at the same time. This hair color is one of the most versatile colors, working well with almost all skin tones and complexions.
Note how the short hair and stark lines of the pixie cut compliment her facial shape and bone structure, enhancing the silhouette of her beautiful neck and chiselled cheekbones.
Photo: Indola
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