The Use of Blushers (2)

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General Tips:
Avoid applying cheek color too heavily. A light color looks like healthy radiance and innocence, heavy discoloration looks like a rash.
Be sure to coordinate your blusher with the rest of your cosmetics and be sure that all the colors you are using suit your needs and your natural skin tone and coloration.
Variations on a Theme
Modern cosmetics brought about specific products for use as cheek color with myriad shades to suit any skin tone. It also brought forth new product ideas, such as concealers and bronzers. These products each serve a different, but useful purpose in various situations.
Concealers are generally opaque cosmetic preparations – heavy liquids, creams or wax-like sticks – that are used to cover up blemishes or discolorations in the skin before a foundation is applied. They are generally used very sparingly. The appeal of concealers is obvious since their purpose is to hide undesirable flaws.
Bronzers are much like they sound: they give the skin a bronzed glow as though the individual has spent time in the sun and gotten some tanned color. Bronzers’ appeal stems from a dual source: generations of thought that those outside in the sunshine enough to get a sunny glow are healthy and robust, and a more modern association with tanning implying a life of wealth, privilege and luxury.
Contouring Tips:
To Contour Nose: To slim your nose you would apply the contouring shade on each side of your nose, blending carefully, and the highlighter down the center of your nose.
To Contour Cheekbones: To enhance the cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and apply a darker shade to the hollows and a highlighter to the top of the cheekbones. Then apply blush as normal. Don't overdo it!
To Contour Forehead: If you have a wide forehead, apply a light bronzer to each temple and blend. This will create a shadow effect causing the head to look more rounded.
To Contour a Small Chin: For a small, thin chin, apply highlighter to the center of the chin, directly under the center of the lip.
To Contour a Double Chin: Apply bronzer along the jaw line and blend it down, towards your neck. This creates depth and helps to strengthen the jaw line. You should always apply contouring color on your neck to your shirt line to avoid a "mask" look.
To Contour Eyes: Use a contouring shade at the back corner of the eye going upward toward the temple.
To Contour Lips: To slim full lips, apply a deep shade of lip color to the entire lip. If you want to plump up thin lips, you can apply a light lip color with shimmer or gloss. Then apply a contouring shade between the peaks of the upper lip and below the center of the lower lip. This makes thin lips look full and gives a pouty appearance.
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