Make-Up Techniques for the Eyes (3)

Make-up application
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To Extend the Eyes (widen)
For women whose eyes are closely set, eye liner can be used to help create the illusion that the eyes are more widely spaced. In these cases, the liner is applied from the center point of the upper and lower lids to the outer corners of the eyes. This application technique draws focus to the outside of the eyes and helps to make the eyes appear wider.
To Narrow the Eyes
Some women have widely-spaced eyes and eye liner will help you to make the eyes appear closer together. As you may deduce from the discussion of wide-set eyes, to make the eyes appear closer together simply apply eyeliner to the top and lower lids from the center to the inner corner.
Beauty Basics
For many women, the eyes are often the first areas where signs of aging begin to appear. These signs are different for different people. Crows’ Feet and creping of the skin, as well as puffiness and discoloration are common issues for many women as they get older. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to help minimize the signs of aging.
Crow’s Feet and Creping of the Skin
The obvious answer is moisturizing. These wrinkles form as the skin ages and fat cells in the skin break down and the skin begins to look and feel thinner. The application of moisturizer helps to keep the skin plumped and the fine lines and wrinkles less apparent. Look for formulations that are meant to perform this function.
Products with ingredients like Retinoic Acid, and Alpha-Hydroxy complexes will help to make the skin look smoother and feel firmer. In addition new formulas with copper have been shown to help improve the elastin in the skin and collagen production.
Puffiness and Discoloration
Another common problem for many folks as they grow older is puffiness and discoloration around the eyes. This is often brought on by stress and fatigue, and therefore the first line of defense is to make sure you get plenty of rest and proper nutrition.
For immediate relief, however, try cooling compresses and anti-inflammatory preparations which will help to reduce the swelled tissues and discoloration. As funny as it sounds, the old image of cucumbers over the eyes is a valid treatment as the cooling effect helps to reduce puffiness.
Another “oddball” treatment is the use of hemorrhoid cream on the puffy tissues of the eye. The reason it works for the treatment of hemorrhoids is that it reduces swelling. This makes it an effective treatment for the soft tissues surrounding the eyes.
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