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Many people will think that men with a muscular physique have no problems with clothing and fit. Yet, ask anyone who has the muscular physique and you will find that the opposite is true. But, the key to a good fit is tailoring.
Muscular body type
Suit coats, sport coats, and most shirts should be tailored to follow the 'v-shape' of the torso on the muscular physique. It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but considering the amount of effort most men have spent to achieve a muscular physique it seems to be a fair cost.
The result is the difference between wearing a good-looking suit and looking good wearing your suit.
The slim build man is the one for whom designers create their garments (as evidenced by looking at the male models used by these designers), so generally fit is not an issue for him. Most clothing styles - suits, sport coats, pants, shirts, etc. - will hang as they were designed to from his frame.
The problem that seems most prevalent among slim build men, is wearing clothes that are too large. Now, I realize that there is a current fashion among many young men to wear extremely baggy clothing - to the point where they are literally falling down. (Personally, I hope it is a fashion that will die a horrible and painful death, because frankly, it's a look that has gone on long enough.)
But that's not what I'm referring to here. What I'm talking about is the propensity for many slim men, who would regularly wear a medium-sized shirt, to buy and wear XL (and larger) garments, thinking that it will give them "bulk". What they fail to realize is that doing so is akin to putting a muumuu on a scarecrow.
The slim build man (like every other man) should remember that his clothes should fit in order to look good. Like the heavy man who attempts camouflage by dressing in larger clothing, the slim man wearing oversized shirts is often a result of poor body image. There's nothing we can do about that here, but we can encourage people to remember how to dress themselves properly, and hope that by looking better in their clothing, they will get positive feedback to reinforce a healthy self-image.
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