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Revealing neckline styles
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Revealing (Formal):
These are the lower-cut styles of neckline - halter, sweetheart, empire, and Queen Anne - and generally display a great deal of a woman's décolletage.
Halter: The halter neckline consists of two triangular points of fabric that rise along the chest and join in some fashion at the back of the neck. The width of the points may vary by design, and in fact the halter may consist of one solid triangular panel that is fastened around the neck with a strap of some sort, but generally has two separate extensions with a plummeting opening between to show the cleavage.
This is generally a good style for moderately-sized to small-busted women, with toned arms and an evenly proportioned neck and head. Overweight women or women with broad shoulders should avoid this style of neckline because it will only over-emphasize their larger proportions.
Sweetheart: This is a flattering style for most every woman. Named for its resemblance to the bottom of the stylized heart graphic, the vertical dip of the sweetheart neckline helps to elongate the face and gives balance to larger proportions. This is by far the most popular style of neckline for wedding gowns and many evening dresses because of its ability to make most every size and shape of woman look her best.
Empire: The empire neckline is square and most notable because of its horizontal coverage of the breasts. This neckline displays the most chest area of all the styles we are discussing, and generally dips to a point halfway between the top of the breast and the areolas. It is a good look for average-build to larger-framed women with short necks because it offers a balance and makes the neck appear longer. It isn't recommended as much for small-framed or petite women, because it will draw attention to an area that generally is less endowed for smaller women.
Queen Anne: This neckline was popularized by Britain's Queen Anne, and is an excellent choice for women who are small-breasted and narrow of shoulder. The roughly diamond shape opening of the chest area makes the upper torso appear larger and wider by drawing the eyes to the horizontal line along the right and left points. It should be avoided by the broad-shouldered woman for the same reason, which would result in the woman appearing far too wide in the shoulder to be appealing.
Casual Necklines:
These are the neckline styles commonly found among the casual wear of the average female. They are the vee-neck, crew neck, turtleneck, scoop neck and cowl neck. All of these styles can be found in varying degrees of lowness, depending on the size of the neck opening.
Casual neckline styles
Vee Neck: The Vee Neck is the single-most flattering neckline style there is. It is close in back and on the sides and dips to a shallow point in the front of the neck. The vee neck generally has a bound edge, especially when made from knit or jersey material. Every woman looks good in the vee neck because it emphasizes the oval shape of the face and causes the neck to appear longer. The only consideration to remember is to make certain that you have a proper fit on the garment and you will look great.
Crew Neck: The crew neck is called such because it is the style of neckline that was found on crewmen's jerseys. It is close all around the neck and is usually found with a narrow, ribbed edge, especially in knitted fabrics. Crew necks are generally good for all but heavier-set women or those with short necks. Those women with wide necks and faces should use caution when thinking about crew neck garments because it will tend to make them look even wider and the necks will appear shorter.
Turtleneck: This close neckline features an extended collar, reminiscent of a turtle's neck when fully extended from its shell. Women with wide faces should use caution when wearing a turtleneck or look as though their head is even larger than it is. As a rule of thumb, the turtleneck collar should be folded so that it extends no higher than one-or-two inches below the chin. Turtlenecks are especially good for women with narrow shoulders and long necks and faces, as it helps to balance them.
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