Acne Blemishes

Girl with acne
Q: Lately, I have been breaking out around my mouth. I already used an acne medicine that works great, just not around my mouth. What's the deal?
A: Itís understandable that you are concerned over the development of blemishes in a certain area when your acne treatment seems to work so well otherwise. However, there could be a number of causes.
If the blemishes are indeed traditional acne, it could be a matter of hormonal changes that occur naturally during the normal monthly cycle among women, or as a result of hormonal changes as the woman enters menopause. And there are other possible causes.
The fact is a number of things can cause the pustules we associate with acne, including allergies and bacterial or viral skin infections.
I recommend you pay a visit to your doctor or dermatologist and confirm that these blemishes are indeed nothing more than common acne. Once you are sure that there isnít another, potentially more serious cause, you will be able to address the issue. And if it is just acne blemishes caused by hormonal fluctuations, your doctor may be able to prescribe a medication that will help control these formerly uncontrollable breakouts.
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