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Q: My prom is May 5. I was wondering: What would be the best eye shadow for my blue eyes and my baby blue dress? Also, I'm allergic to some foundations and I use powder, but I don't want powder to make my face look bumpy.
What would be the best foundation for me? Do you think the matte foundation would be good or no?

A: Unless you need strong coverage to mask uneven skin tone or blemishes, you should be fine using the powder you prefer. In most cases with sensitive skin types, you will always want to keep the makeup coverage as light as possible.
If your skin seems to respond better to powdered cosmetics, you might look into the many lines of mineral powder makeup. Some of the more popular makeup companies are now developing their own brands of mineral powder cosmetics. These can be superior for their ease of application and the ability to create smooth, even looks with minimal effort.
If using the mineral powder makeup is not an option for you (for whatever reason) and you need more heavy-duty coverage, try the liquid-to-powder formulas and other matte finish makeup formulas for maximum coverage. For a little more coverage than simply powder alone offers, you may want to try using a tinted moisturizer as a base and apply the powder over it for a softer finish. The tinted moisturizers tend to be much lighter and less irritating for sensitive types.
As for the selection of eye shadow for your blue eyes, that depends largely on your skin tone and the overall look you are trying to create. If you are looking for a lighter, fresh-faced look you can try soft orange and peachy tones of shadow; while if you want a deeper, richer look try a coppery metallic tone. The “orange” base color against the blue of your eyes will enhance the eye color and make your eyes “pop”.
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