Bring Out Eye Colors

Girl with beautiful brown eyes
Q: I'm mailing from Belgium. I have brown eyes, but they are so charm-less. How can I give them a bit of charm? With which colors?
A: Believe it or not, the best way to bring out the color of brown eyes and make them really “pop” is to use a light, cool eye shadow color – such as a pale green, aqua, or light blue, each in a frosted shade. The trick is to use a color that provides a contrast to the eye color in question.
Therefore, with eyes that are deeper brown shades (such as the color of dark chocolate), using a pale, pastel colors in the blue and green families make the browns appear richer and deeper in color. For those brown shades that are lighter (like the color of milk chocolate) aqua-tones will create a warmth and richness to the eye color. For the palest shades of brown – those amber-colored and golden-eyed individuals – using a violet color of eye shadow will create a sparkle and glow in the eyes.
With other eye colors simply use the color wheel to find the contrasting color and use an eye shadow in that shade. For example, for blue eyes, use an orange shadow color; for green eyes, use a red shadow color; and for violet eyes, use a gold or yellow shadow to emphasize the color of the eye. The contrasting colors will cause the eye color to appear more intense and bold.
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