Enhance Cheekbones

Woman who is applying make-up to enhance her cheekbones
Q: How can I make my cheekbones look higher?
A: Sadly, we can’t all have “perfect” cheekbones and facial structure. The fact is NOBODY has perfect cheekbones (especially since ‘perfect’ is a matter of opinion). If you want to enhance yours, the trick is to add some contours and shading. Use a powder blushing makeup and apply a light dusting across the top of your cheek using a light shade of color.
Use a second blushing shade in a neutral tone that is slightly darker than your skin’s natural tone to apply a contouring shade under the cheekbone. The placement of this “shading” depends on where you want the cheekbone to appear to be. If your own cheekbone seem too low to you, shift the Highlight color up slightly, and place your shading just below it. Do it subtly and don’t make things too dark. You’ll see your cheeks appear higher.
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