Buying an Epilator

Q: What should I keep in mind when buying an epilator?
A: Well, when you buy an epilator, you definitely want to look for quality. An epilator is designed to pull the hairs from the skin in quick succession in order to give you fast, convenient hair removal. Buying quality lessens the risk that you will receive a product that will pinch your skin, scratch you, or otherwise cause problems due to uneven tension and poor performance.
Look for a product with safety features, quality materials and after care attachments. The item needs to be lightweight and easy to use, with either a power cord or a rechargeable battery to make it economical and let you be sure itís always available when needed.
A great way to find out the good and bad of various epilators is to visit comparison sites and search for consumer reviews of a product you are interested in. Many only retailers and shopping websites offer customer reviews. Listening to what someone who has bought an item has to say about it can help you avoid problems and features that you would want to bypass.
Photo: White Bear Studio/Shutterstock
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