Eyebrow Threading

Threading to remove hair
Q: What is eyebrow threading? Does it hurt?
A: Eyebrow threading is a variant of the traditional ‘threading’ technique used to remove hair.
The origin of ‘threading’ is ambiguous, although it has been widely-practised among Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cultures. The technique uses a 100% cotton thread which is rolled along the skin, wrapping the hairs in its wake and lifting them from the skin.
The method of removal is similar in effect to tweezing, although it is much faster. All of the reviews and referrals I have read from people who have had the process done say that while it is a little painful, it is significantly less painful than tweezing, often less painful than waxing and many people report that they found the experience not painful at all.
It is also generally found to be significantly less expensive than most other methods of eyebrow shaping. In cities and communities with large populations of Asian and Indian persons, you can often find salons offering the service at about half the cost (or even less in some cases) than most salon eyebrow shaping services.
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