Trimmed Eyebrows

Girl who is trimming her eyebrows with scissors
Q: I once had nice, thick and accurate black eye brows, but then I trimmed them off 2 times and then used the eye pencil over them instead. I regret doing that.
It’s about 4 years now that I’ve stopped trimming them totally off. I noticed that since then, they have never grown to that full, thick length again. What should I do to make them beautiful again?

A: Well, for starters, don’t trim them off completely any more. I realize that may seem obvious, but there are countless old wives’ tales that insist that shaving off areas of the body’s hair will cause it to grow back fuller and thicker. This is entirely untrue.
On average, the hair on the body will grow at a rate of one-half inch per month, but this doesn’t necessarily hold true for all the areas of hair growth. However, after four years of re-growth, the eyebrows are likely as grown-in as they are going to get.
As you haven’t described how your eyebrows appear at this point, I can’t speak to specifics, but there are some standard tips to better eyebrows:
• Use clear gel mascara or styling gel and a small brush to groom the existing eyebrows in the direction you want them to follow.
• Use an eyebrow pencil a little lighter in shade than your natural eyebrow color to “fill in” the appearance of sparse areas in the brows. The brows should be thicker toward the nose and angle up to the center of the eye then curve downward again toward the outside of the eye. Use short lines overlapping to create a more natural appearance as opposed to a solid bold “drawn in” looking brow.
• Use a fingertip or blending brush to gently soften the pencil marks of the eyebrow.
Photo: Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock
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