Eyelash Perming

Girl with permed eyelashes
Q: Is it true that eyelashes can be permed?
A: Yes. There is a process called eyelash perming that works using the same principles as standard hair perms. As with most cosmetic inventions, the process has slowly been spreading across the globe and gaining popularity.
In short, the procedure involves a “rubber form” which is adhered along the eyelids and the lashes are directed around the form using a brush, or other tool and adhesive. A perming cream is applied, allowed to process, and then neutralized. The process takes approximately an hour, and the typical cost is around $60 (U.S. currency).
As with other perming processes, eyelash perms can have varied results, and successful procedures depend on the quality of the products used, and the skill and experience of the technician performing the service. Inexperience and mishap can result in the same types of problems as are found in traditional perms – namely, over-processed or fried hair – only this time you are dealing with the hairs surrounding the very sensitive eye area.
It should be noted that some states have banned eyelash perming as unsafe. In the United States, the FDA (which governs most marketed consumables) is not required to approve cosmetics marketed to the public, although if the product is deemed hazardous to the public, they can and do demand that it be taken off the shelves.
As with any chemical service, be sure that a patch test is performed to rule out allergic or sensitivity reactions. And be aware that you will be dealing with all the typical negatives of the perm process – namely odor – and that you will probably need to deal with at least some amount of irritation both during and after the process.
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