Perming Eyelashes

Q: I am a qualified therapist. However, I never seem to get a really good curl when perming eyelashes. What could I be doing wrong?
A: The number of factors involved makes it difficult to isolate the problem you are having without knowing a lot more about how you perform the process. Perhaps you are using too much adhesive and are effectively sealing the lashes to prevent the waving solution from penetrating.
You may not be properly cleansing the lashes prior to the service to remove any oils or residue from make-ups or oil-based mascaras. There is ever the likelihood that you arenít processing the waving solution or neutralizing the lashes properly.
Your best bet is to take the process step by step and examine the way you do things, identifying potential problem. And always make sure you are using fresh chemical products.
Try using a minimal amount of adhesive. If this resolves the problem, you have an answer. If not, keep trying.
Buy some practice tools to allow you to avoid having to practice on real clients or friends. And always remember, safety first.
Photo: New Africa/Shutterstock
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