Eyeliner Transferring to Lid

Woman who has a problem with her eyeliner
Q: What can I do to keep my eyeliner from transferring to my lid? So far I have tried powder and lid primer.
A: Well, the first thing you need to do is to determine what exactly is causing the problem. I can guess/estimate that these are some potential causes of the problem:
•  An ill-suited product
•  Anatomical factors
•  Improper application
An ill-suited product could refer to a less-expensive product that isnít as high in quality as other available products, or simply a product that isnít designed to meet the needs you have.
For example, some women can select the products from the Bargain Shelf in their local department store and can use them with wondrous results, while others need products that are hypo-allergenic and of suffer from using those less-expensive brands. The bottom line is really that in many cases, some products just work better than others for some people. The key is to find the one thatís right for you.
With eyeliner, you want one thatís quick-drying, with easy and smooth application, and one designed to be long-wearing and hopefully, smudge-proof.
Anatomical factors can cause problems with the results you achieve from your eyeliner. If your eyelids fold into themselves as they retract from over your eye, it is far more likely that you will encounter problems with smudge and color transfer. This is especially true of individuals with heavy lids and deep creasing in the eye sockets. The remedy for this situation is ďideallyĒ to be able to adjust the application method or to select a product that works better with your needs (such as a fast-drying liquid liner or non-smudge pencil).
In some cases, though there seem to be no good solutions to anatomically created problems (short of cosmetic surgery) although for those who feel they NEED eyeliner that wonít bleed, smudge or run and want to take the option, you could look into tattooed eyeliner. However, usually, a simple change in your application methods or choice of product can help.
Improper application is a major cause of unsatisfactory eyeliner results. In normal cases, the method of application for eyeliner depends on the effect desired: inside the lash line for making the eyes smaller, outside the lash line to make the eyes appear larger. However, in cases where there are specific anatomical challenges, such as creased, folded, or heavy lids, it can be necessary to adjust the application of the eyeliner to help prevent the problems from proliferating.
In your case Ė and depending on the specific cause of your problems with the eyeliner Ė perhaps you could combine the use of lid primer (to help prevent bleed), powder (to help control oil) and use an application method that helps control the eyeliner, such as applying the liner inside the lash line along the edges of the eyelids. It will require some careful application and practice maybe, but you should enjoy better results.
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