How to Put on Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner
Q: How should I put on eyeliner? It never looks good when I put it on.
A: This is a common complaint among women, and generally, the problem comes from one of two factors: either the eyeliner is the wrong shade or type for the individual or the individual is using too much eyeliner.
The purpose of eyeliner is to embolden the eyes and make them appear larger, or more defined. Normally, a little eyeliner goes a long way, and proper application takes practice.
For beginners, I recommend using a pencil (or stick) eyeliner. The eyeliner should be applied to the edge of the eyelids. Once again, for beginners, the best method is to apply the eyeliner to the outside of the lash line at the base of the lashes.
For daytime wear, you should choose a brown shade of eyeliner unless you have black hair, in which case a dark gray is acceptable. True black eyeliner should only be worn for evening looks when you need darker make-up colors, and then only by women with truly dark complexions and hair.
Unless your eyelashes are pale or sparse, you generally only want to use enough eyeliner to create an accentuation of the eyelash line. Start by creating a line along the edge of the upper eyelid starting at the inner edge of the iris (colored portion) of the eye and extending to the outer corner of the eye, and along the edge of the lower lid from the outer edge of the iris to the corner.
If needed, and as you become more practiced, you can create lines extending from the inner corners to the outer corners of both sets of eyelids. Once you feel proficient in applying your eyeliner, try looking through fashion and beauty magazines and trying the eyeliner effects you find there that you think are attractive. Just remember, practice makes perfect.
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