Eyeliner & Mascara for Redheads

Natural redhead with long hair
Q: Hi. I'm a natural redhead and i want to find a way to make my eyes look bigger. Can I get some tips on mascara and eyeliner that looks good on redheads? Thanks.
A: Well, for starters the mascara basics always apply: softer colors for daytime wear, and bolder colors for evening looks. Apart from that, there are a number of new products (from a variety of makers) on the market now, just for you redheads.
For starters, Max Factor has mascaras available in red and auburn shades for many of their mascara lines, including their 2000 Calorie Mascara with the straight brush applicator, and the Volume Couture Mascara (non-waterproof formula). They also offer a brand new product called Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara, which features a two-tone approach.
The product combines one application of the Legendary Lash Perfection as a base coat, and follows it up with a vivid contrasting color. Redhead appropriate color combinations for this product range from Blazing Black (black base with Rich Red overlay) to Burning Bordeaux (rich brown with ruby overtones). This product is designed to help you create some high impact looks.
I know that many of you redheads out there become tempted to go for really dramatic looks in your eye makeup. Try to bear in mind that - in most cases - less is definitely more. If you are going to use an eyeliner and mascara make sure to use softer shades. This is doubly true if you have lighter shades of red hair.
If the true auburn colors aren’t available in your area, opt for soft browns and charcoal gray shades instead of the “jet black” colors usually found. The idea is to make your natural look appear enhanced, not to appear made up. So, even if your favorite makeup brand isn’t available in a redhead shade, you can still find them in the browns and softer colors, and these are preferable.
Also, if you are specifically looking for make-up and hair products for red haired women, you might want to take a look at www.justforredheads.com. Just For Redheads is a company that makes cosmetics and beauty products specifically for their ginger-haired counterparts and have a wide array of products available.
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