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Q: I want to ask: how can I plump my lips without injections or surgery? Please help; and if you know of any lip plumping glosses available in Abu Dhabi, UAE, please tell me.
A: There are numerous lip plumping products available in todayís beauty market, all of which make claims of giving fuller, plumper lips. Depending on which reviews you read, each is great or lousy. It seems the results vary with the individual.
We at Greatest Look try not to endorse brands, so I canít tell you what to buy. What I can do is suggest you check out the products online, and look for sites that offer customer feedback. Shopping around online can also help you with the problem of getting these products in your region. Most online resources can deliver purchases globally.
In the meantime, I can recommend some tips for you to help you get fuller and plumper looking lips. The key is to create the illusion of fuller lips.
Step one is taking and using a lip liner that is a shade darker than your main lip color. Be careful to follow the edge of the lip.
Follow this with a lip color that is lighter than your main lip color and apply it to the center of the lips, both lower and upper. Then, take your main lip color and using a lip brush, apply the main color and blend the color gently over the lips. The lighter color in the center of the lips will create the look of plumper lips.
Finish the look by using a high-shine lip gloss over the entire lip area. The gloss will work together with the lighter center and shading to the outside to create a rich luscious look. The overall look will be one of fuller, plumper lips.
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