Glitter for Face and Eyes

Girl with glitter on her face
Q: I have brown skin and mandel eyes. I like glitter. What is the best color of glitter to use to make my face and eyes glow? Where should I best apply the glitter on the face? Is it at the corner of the eyes? Can I also use it on the face during the day or is it only for evenings and special occasions? Thanks for your advice.
A: Okay, to address your questions out of order, such cosmetic items as “glitters” are generally applied for their “sparkle and shine” and will “create attention in” and “bring forward” the areas where it is used. This type of cosmetic application is only appropriate for evenings or special occasions. For daywear, the effect of sunlight on glitter is much more garish and looks clownish.
It is important to use ONLY glitters designed for cosmetic purposes. Some arts and crafts glitters may be attractive, but they are made using materials that could damage the skin or result in serious injury if allowed to get into the eyes or are inadvertently ingested. Some of these glitters are made using flakes of metals (some of which may be toxic to the body) or even glass. So once again, be sure to use ONLY glitter that has been approved for use in cosmetic applications.
You can even find specifically created cosmetics containing glitter which will enable you to avoid the worry that the glitter is safe to use.
As for what colors of glitter you should use for your skin tone and eye color, I would recommend a glitter that is iridescent (meaning it casts a rainbow sheen when light reflects off it) or is more greenish in tone (soft emerald to aqua tones). In the case of cosmetics containing glitter, simply match the cosmetic to your skin tone. The glitter additives are already matched.
You can apply the glitter/shimmering cosmetics to any area you want to draw attention to. Common areas are the eyelids and areas under the brow, as well as across the tops of the cheeks.
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