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Q: When I was younger I used hair removal crème on my face which made it grow back worse. I don’t want to wax it or thread it as I am scared this will happen again. I have been thinking about bleaching it but as I have mixed-race/Latino skin tone I am scared it will be noticeable.
What do you think? Also, the hairs are quite dark, I pluck them sometimes but it does not seem to help. Have you got any other tips or suggestions? As I really hate this extra hair. I feel it makes me look ugly and I need a solution.

A: I can certainly sympathize with you. However, I want to assure you that your use of a hair removal crème when you were younger was not responsible for your hair growing back in darker. If this were the case, these products would be used in different ways and would be the biggest money-making ventures on the planet.
I’m afraid that the only ways you can remove unwanted hair are through surface treatments, such as shaving, waxing, threading, depilatory crèmes or other methods that remove the hair, or by having expensive laser treatments or electrolysis. Even the laser treatments and electrolysis are not guaranteed, and often require multiple treatments for any lasting effect.
In order to prevent the return of these hairs, the follicle has to be sufficiently damaged that it cannot heal itself. Laser treatments and electrolysis use laser light or electric current to destroy the follicles. Sometimes, plucking can damage the follicle, but usually it simply pulls the hair out by breaking it off just below the surface of the skin.
There has been a lot of media buzz about a prescription treatment for women with unwanted hair growth. The product is a topical crème called “Vaniqa” and may be something that could help you. However, this is only available by prescription and is currently the only medication known to actually help reduce the growth of unwanted hair in women. You will have to speak to a doctor about the issue to see if you would even be a candidate for the medication.
There are many other creams and ointments that claim to be hair growth inhibitors, but these products amount to after-removal lotions that only soften the regrowth to make it feel as though it is finer and less notable. None of these products has been proven to reduce hair growth or prevent regrowth in any measurable degree. Don’t be tricked by false promises.
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