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Asian eyes
Q: I was wondering if you can help me with a makeup issue I've had for a while. Well, first I should tell you I am Asian, and my eyes look fairly small.
So, I was wondering if I can put eyeliner or eye shadow in a specific place to make my eyes appear larger. I don't have the crease on the upper eyelid and so it makes my eyes look smaller when I put eye shadow on. Do you think you can help me?

A: Actually, yes. I can help you. There are two issues here that you want to address:
First, your eyelids’ shape (and possibly their positioning) is largely responsible for the small appearance of your eyes. You want to maximize the appearance of openness in your eyes by always using a thin line of eyeliner above the lash line on the edge of your eyelids. By creating a defined line above the lash line, you leave the eyes appearing more open and the darker line creates the effect that your eyes themselves are brighter and larger.
Secondly, you need to use your eye shadow to create contours in your eyelid where none are currently noticeable. Use your darkest shade of neutral eye shadow where you might normally find a crease to create a slim dark crescent shape above the lash line. On the eyelid proper, use a very pale neutral shade to lighten this area and make it appear larger. On the area of the eye above the crescent but below the brow, use the same shade as used on the lid (or one slightly darker) to bring this area forward visually as well.
If your eyes are also close-set, you can expand the crescent of dark shading toward the outside of the eyes and extend it a short distance past the ends of the lashes. This will help to draw the attention outward and create the appearance that the eyes are farther apart.
Be sure to use your make-up brush to gently blend these shadows and soften the lines between them, thus avoiding the “painted” look.
You may need to practice this technique to perfect it, but the end result will be eyes that appear to have more depth and be more open and expressive.
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