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Q: I have been using Latisse with great results. Now that my lashes are so much longer they seem to be getting very dried out, lighter in color, and almost frayed out. It seems like I have the lash equivalent of split-ends from over processing (daily mascara, curling, remover, etc.).
Most of the products I see are for growth and are applied on the skin at the lash line. I need something that is applied directly to the lashes and will improve the ones I already have, much like a deep conditioner. What do you recommend?

A: Well, while there are products on the market billed as “lash conditioners”, you are correct in that they seem to predominantly focus on growth and not on the texture and actual condition of the lashes. However, there is good news.
Your lashes are hair, and as such can be treated with the same products. You just want to be careful not to get a product that might irritate the eyes into them. One recommendation is to use a product made for babies, such as Johnson’s No Tears Formula conditioner.
You can get disposable mascara/eyelash brushes from your local beauty supply store with which to apply the conditioner. Other tips include gently rubbing your facial moisturizer onto your lashes when you apply it at night.
Most importantly of all though, is making sure to avoid products that could make the problem worse. Read the product labels on your mascara and eyeliner products and note whether they contain alcohol. Avoid those that do, as alcohol can dry out the lashes and is sometimes used to make for a “quick drying” formula.
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