Longer Lasting Lipstick

Woman with lipstick
Q: Any tips on how to make my lipstick last longer?
A: Well, apart from teaching yourself not to actually allow your lips to touch anything you eat, sip, or kiss, you pretty much have to rely on other tips that help the color itself to be longer wearing.
The best trick for making your lip color last is to use a lip liner first. Apply the lip liner all over the lips as a “base coat” and spread your lipstick on over the top. The lipliner is firmer and will keep the lipstick from bleeding and feathering as much, and will help the color last longer.
Just remember that contrary to what some women do and think, your lipliner should be the same shade as your lipstick color. While we always want defined lips, wearing a dark lip liner color on the edges with light lipstick as filler simply looks “made-up” and artificial.
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