Slimmer Nose

Woman who is not happy with her nose
Q: How can I make my nose look narrower?
A: Whenever you have a facial feature that is awkwardly proportioned or oversized, you might want to attempt to alter its appearance using make-up. This can be done with noses, chins, and cheeks using a contouring powder. This is a pressed powder cosmetic that is a shade slightly darker than the natural skin tone.
If you want to make the nose appear slimmer, simply apply a light shading of the contouring color on each side of the nose and use a brush to blend the color smoothly. After the blending is complete you should simply see a slight enhancement of the center line down the nose where the shadow makes the unshaded portion look more prominent. The overall effect is that your nose will appear slimmer.
If your problem is a LONG nose, you can foreshorten it by applying a little contouring powder to the tip of the nose and blending it smoothly to make the nose look shorter.
Photo: Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock
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