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T-zone of the face
Q: What do you do if your skin gets oily in your T-zone mostly but when you apply powder, it gets all caked up?
A: The problem you describe (caking of powder applied) is a result of the oiliness of your T-zone and the rest of the skin on your face. The solution is to be sure to use an astringent and an oil-free moisturizer before applying your make-up so that you begin with a smooth, even base upon which to create your look.
A good astringent will strip away excess oils and residual dirt, and when combined with the right cleanser will go a long way to helping to balance the oil levels of your skin. The oil-free moisturizer will then smooth your skin and allow you to apply your make-up evenly.
Itís also important that you use the right make-up for your skin type. Look for foundation creams and liquids that are designed to help you manage oily skin. Most of these are non-comedogenic and will help prevent clogged pored and the development of blemishes. If you do use powder, remember to use it lightly, and only as necessary to set foundation or control shine.
During the course of the day, if you find that you need to re-apply powder to control shine, be sure to use a facial quality tissue to blot the area before doing so. The blotting will absorb excess oil on the skin and help to prevent the caking that can occur when powder is applied to an oily area. You want to make sure the tissue is facial quality, which means that it will not leave lint on the skin.
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